I'm Here | Alive

Good Day world !
Yes. I am still exist. Here... alive. Our world is never been the same after The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale last night.... hehehe. No more Monday with Rick, Daryl and Glenn.
(yup, it's Monday Show on FoxHD in Malaysia) So... we have to wait for the Season 6.

By the way. Hello again.

New entry after 8 months? Fuh... Kinda Amazing. Right.

Okay... Cut.

Am i really back for good?

or will it be another entry afer a few months... let see



Good day!
Really looking forward to earn money from my blog.

They say, affiliate programs is the best option if you want to earn big.

If you want a passive income, PPC ads will be enough....like adsense, chitika , bidvertiser.
PPC - Pay Per Clicks

But what i want to add to this 'earn money project' is making a review post, i have a great revenue from writing a review for advertiser in my other blogs.... before. What is it? It's Blogsvertise and another one... i can't remember the name...

5 to 10 USD per review... it's okay than NOTHING. So i take it. Back then, i can reach 30 to 50 USD.
What is Affiliate ? Really? you have absolutely no idea about it?

try this

This is a super duper secret about affiliate which if you do it right you can earn more money!

Learn about it and you can kill a bad gorilla like man in the jungle did! Tarzan! Ok.. killing is not good.

Like Israel keep on bombarding Palestine and killing innocent baby, kids and ...human...

Obama will not agree with it... Israelis just defending their country from Palestinian attack. WHAT?! Imagine this... someone take your home with force, sleep on your bed in master bedroom, cook in your kitchen ...what will you do? This is not a storyline of the walking dead season 5, where you can go everywhere shooting and kill those zombies.... STOP IT ISRAEL!

out of focus!

I can write anything that i want ... right? this is my blog...
Again, they keep on saying... dude..what is your niche? really.. do i really have to follow this niche movement? can't i just write and type what's on my head?


Some of them (friends and family) think i'm just doing nothing on my computer. No good what so ever!

But, what they don't know is, i'm spending my time in front of this monitor and hitting this keyboard for a reason. I'm not playing any kind of games. Although i know you can earn money from playing games on the internet. I'm putting a lot of effort to learn more about 'free money from the internet'... not really free, you need to put a great effort to earn it. Blogging is one of the earn money game... play it well then you'll hit the jackpot. ka ching!

"man, they will not read you blog ! your english is suck!"

ok... i admit it. i'm no good with english... but i try. Can't let their words let you down... pull your strength, and keep it together... effort, effort and effort. That's the key!

okay... i'm off for now...

my prediction for World Cup 2014 final, Germany vs Argentina

Germany will win ! Full time 2-1. Sorry Messi.

both team are 'godzilla' but one of them is not god zilla enough. hehehe

I wish Australia / New Zealand / England  / United States will make it to the next World Cup in Russia 2018!



Good evening! Hello world ... I'm back!

Make $65,000 This Year From Automated Websites!

Since my last post from 2 and a half years ago...pergh! A long long time ago. Since the Optimus Prime still BFF with Sam Witwicky and that girl... what's her name? Foxy...fox... Megan Fox? hehehe.

Ok yidi yada... long story short. I'm here. Blogging again.. daaa...

 They say (someone) ... if you love something, if you let it go (not Elsa's Let it Go) but... letting go of something you love, if it's really yours then it will come back... if it's not in one piece maybe it's in a bucket!

Darn... What am i talking about...

 Oh no.. ok... hello girls (should i put this on top of my post instead?). late greetings.

Yup... Maybe i just really don't know what to type here again after a long break. with Game Of Thrones. Hahaha... Can't wait for the next season...

What should i do with this blog? Delete it ? I don't think so... My first post on this blog is on January 2008, that is like ... 6 years ago. That's a great achievement man! I've been blogging since 6 years ago.... with no great achievement (with this blog)... what i mean is, you know... i'm not making something out of it...

No profit at all... Adsense, Chitika , Bidvertiser... and so many more...oh ya.. and affiliate program. No... nothing.


Unless if you are trader: Forecast The Stock Market Accurately!

Yup, i agree with that. My other blogs works just fine, but not fine ...fine... but just fine... the pace is slow...but there is something... i 'd withdraw my first income from adsense... but that's like... 2 years ago... oh man... USD 100.

Yup, it's my fault. I admit it. With no entry / post in your blog and website, how do you aspect anyone will go and read your blog? With no great words, no SEO , no girls...

 but now, i'll walk this path again. Will do it right.

Pro Blogger always talk about niche... niche? come on... i don't know niche? your uncle? hahaha...

Okay... that's a joke.

BLOGGING TIPS FOR 2014 and 2015 ? 

Make a bad joke and bad story and then say sorry... apologize. Yaiks... i'ts a trend nowadays. Tell the angry crowds with this statement, "i'm so sorry...my Facebook / Twitter / Instagram or website has been hack by some maniac"...


Ok, put it to the test. If there is no comment for this post, then that's a prove that no one actually reading this. So guys, please... comment... leave a word or two...

Brazil or Holland? Brazil! Viva la espana... oppsss...


Peek a chuuu!

Morning of 2nd December of 2011, the sun is rising and the weather is good, yet i'm still not taking my bath. By the way it's 6.30 in the morning and i'm taking my breakfast in front of my pc. Darn! 2012 is around the corner and now i realize that there are so many things that i don't achieve or done yet!
First thing to do.... taking my bath! come on!

p/s: Solilo hello...


back for good?

i'm back!
What the heck happen to me? MIA? missing in action? darn! That is not it... I'm here, alive and still breathing... Live a life... What's up world? i'm ain't running fast like thunder 'Usain Bolt', it's just i'm very bad with time management and procrastination... sux!
Well oh well... Almost a year without any entry or post for this blog. Some said the era of blogging is death! it's now the glory era of facebook... what say you?

the weather is okay, i'm okay...


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